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EDIT 2: Aaaannnnd closed again. Even faster than last time, unfortunately. This time I am going to try out a Wait List option. The Wait List will be in case someone decides to cancel their commission (life happens, and plans can change). Or, if I complete work more quickly than expected. I plan to finish this queue by May, so if I'm early, I will add on the Wait List. There will be only 2 Wait List Spots at this time, and I believe both have already been filled.

EDIT: Haha, guys, yeaaaah. A few hours later, and I'm down to just TWO MORE SPOTS. I may open up a third, depending on the nature of the next two, but after that I'll be closed again for another 2-3 months.

Okay. Every time I do this now, I get a little more nervous, haha. Last time it felt like I wasn't even able to stay open for a full 24 hours after announcing it.

I have a queue of 5 open spots (two are already occupied), and I'm hoping to fill them up with a variety of work this time. 

My general method, for those new to this process, is that I open up commission work officially, and fill up my queue from those who respond once it's open. It is a little bit like a race, which favors those who compulsively check their dA accounts. I do try very hard to make sure that those who messaged me while I was CLOSED get a chance to contact me, and are still given priority if it comes down to a tie (although it hasn't yet).

I reserve the right to decline a commission work based on my own preference, but in general I still operate on a first come, first serve basis.

If you wish to secure a commission from me at this time:

1. Send me a deviantART NOTE. In this note, please give me a brief description of the commission you want, and tell me if you have any questions or concerns (such as a budget for payment, or needing to make partial payments). 

2. I will message you in return with an estimate of your commission based on the information I have, and if I am willing to accept the commission. If I say I am willing, then proceed to step 3. (I will list your commission as "pending" in my queue, and hold the place for 24 hours.)

3. PLEASE NOTE ME IN RESPONSE agreeing to the price that I have quoted. Once you do this, I will place you in my queue as committed to the commission.

That's it! :D Remember, I require payment upfront before I start a commission. I provide a WIP sketch, and allow for minor changes after a mostly completed work. I do not provide refunds, except in a case where I am unable to finish your commission (like if I get hit by a bus). 


Commission Info Page by athenapallas87
FactoryKat Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Oh yes. I'm so on it. I'm writing you a note as we speak haha. <3 Absolutely loved my last commish, so I am down for another. c: 
athenapallas87 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D I'm glad you liked it. It's one of my personal faves as well (I had it as my phone screen background for awhile hehe).
FactoryKat Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Ahh really??? Oh wow. Well you did an absolutely fantastic job on it so you should be proud of your amazing work!! :heart: And note sent haha!
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February 6, 2016


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